With Esther’s extensive international experience, she can play venues of any size as either the main act or as support.


Esther’s specialised wedding set list ensures the vibe is of smooth, unending love, perfect for your special day.

Corporate Events

Looking for some smooth live music that can excite your attendees? Esther plays familiar songs played with a creative twist.

Cocktail Bar Music

Need some quality background music to enhance the atmosphere of your venue? Esther creates familiar yet original sonic landscapes that mix perfectly with cocktails.

Private Events

Want that special touch at your private event? Esther’s music creates the vibe of sophistication and style.


Need a special song for a loved one? Commission Esther to write you a song on your desired topic and she can either perform it live or record it as audio or video, so you can gift it to your loved one.

In her 15 years in Europe, Esther has performed in front of thousands of people on stages large and small, as well as on national television and radio in various countries.

Playing a mix of original music and cover songs, played with a twist. Esther balances the worlds of the familiar and the tantalisation of the new.

Mostly performing solo, with guitar and voice, Esther’s transparent sound, leaves space for the imagination, and room for the heart.